Hello, my name is Ingo Blum. I have been a full time novelist and publisher since 2016, first helping other authors to get their books published, but then came up with own stories and ideas. As an independent author and publisher, I see it as my job to write special stories about life, with a lot of imagination and adventure.

My journey to become a children’s book author began during my day job. I was an IT Manager during the day and an author, comedian and graphic designer in the evening. I have always enjoyed projects where I could create artwork for kids. I started writing stories to accompany these projects for fun, and with some encouragement from friends and family (and their kids!) I decided to share my stories with the world.

I work with international illustrators, with whom I constantly develop new concepts and stories.

When I start writing a new book  I normally only have a rough idea of the story, but this changes a lot in the course of outlining the book. I try to write every day because I am always interested in the end of the story. ​Sometimes I simply do not know how my story will end.