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PlanetOh concepts publications supports the early acquisition of foreign languages with bilingual children's books in various language combinations.

Growing up bilingual is a unique experience that brings both benefits and challenges for children. Being able to speak more than one language can bring numerous benefits. Our books all include the benefits of early bilingual education, the challenges children face and the impact on their cognitive and socio-emotional development.

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  • "The translation is great and even the times where it doesn't quite translate perfectly is a learning experience in translation philosophy and procedure. I know I know a lot for a not quite 3 year old but my son seems interested and loves to read this book so as far as I am concerned it's a win. I have since bought the rest of books in the series."
  • "This cute story is a great book to read aloud. It’s English/French copy is a great way to learn either language as a second language. Whether you are reading it aloud to a child, or you are the child listening or reading it for themselves, it is an enjoyable experience! The illustrations are vivid and appealing. Highly recommended."
  • "For anyone who is wishing to help their children be bilangual or who are already this a great book. The story is easy to understand and whether trying to go from Spanish to English or vice versa is a great beginning book."
  • "This is a very cute book. With it written in Spanish it makes a wonderful tool with students learning Spanish or Esl students learning English. The illustrations are wonderful."